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Pearlescent | Echo

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What’s a siren without pearls? One of the palest shades that I’ve ever dyed, it feels oh-so appropriate for this past year. When a grain of sand enters an oyster’s shell, it causes irritation, and the oyster in response “cries” (or scientifically, secretes mucus). Layers and layers of this build up over time to form what we know and love as pearls.

In this color, it’s normal to have a few tiny speckles (or maybe freckles?) here and there—dotted, as it were, as proof of the sand that began the whole process. Along with the palest shades of mint, lavender, and pinks, the effect is quite charming.


Four Ply

50% Recycled Wool

50% Tencel

383 Yards / 350 Meters

100 Grams

The Echo base is our answer to an eco-friendly, non-superwash alternative. The recycled wool in this base isn’t wool that’s been used and fished out of the trash or donated—it’s wool that was left over from the sorting process that would otherwise be thrown out at the mill. Tencel, a fiber made from cellulose plants, is a sustainable material that makes of the other half of this base. Strong and moisture-wicking with a beautiful sheen, tencel makes this base great for hard-wearing projects such as socks. 

The recycled wool soaks up colors and displays them as beautiful muted heathers, while the tencel adds a brilliant silvery gloss and crisp (yet soft) texture.

*Please note, this is hand-dyed yarn. Colors are truly unique to each skein and therefore may vary from skein to skein. We recommend alternating skeins every other row in the round, or every two rows when knitting flat if using two or more skeins. True colors may vary slightly from screen. We do try.*

From a pet-friendly, smoke-free home.

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Pearlescent | Echo

Pearlescent | Echo