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This juicy orange has hints of red and yellow bases in it.

Love lies most deeply in the unspoken. How can words convey the depth of love? Apply logic‚ÄĒwords‚ÄĒto the abstract? Sometimes it‚Äôs in the small daily chores and humble tasks through which love is conveyed, rather than sweeping gestures.

In many Asian cultures, there seems to be an unspoken love that lies in preparing fruit for one’s child. No words, just a fruit on a plate. Somehow, that fruit is often an orange.

This juicy orange color is my Mandarin for you: Thank you all for supporting me, from the bottom of my heart. You make my life, my animals, and my healthcare possible. You‚Äôve helped me provide so much for my family, who have been operating on bare bones for far too long. You‚Äôve helped me furnish our once-empty house. You‚Äôve given me the chance to spread my wings for the first time. I am so, so grateful for you all. ūüß°

Wilde Sock

Sock Weight | Two-Ply

100% SW Merino Wool

400 yards / 365 meters

100 grams

Bouncy and squishy, this 100% superwash merino yarn is just perfect for all of your project needs from socks to sweaters! This is our ideal go-to yarn for any project and a staple here at Wildewood Fibers.

*Please note, this is hand-dyed yarn. Colors are truly unique to each skein and therefore may vary from skein to skein. We recommend alternating skeins every other row in the round, or every two rows when knitting flat if using two or more skeins. True colors may vary slightly from screen. We do try.*

From a pet-friendly, smoke-free home.

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