The Bases

Here, you’ll find information and description of our fiber bases. We’ve separated this page into two sections: Superwash and non-superwash. If you would like more information on the difference between these two, please see our posts about superwash vs. non-superwash.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in touch!

Vibrant Hues.

Superwash wool displays colors with vibrance. Speckles, jewel tones, brights and darks display with panache.

Easy Care.

Easy to care for, it can handle a delicate trip in the wash every now and then.

Nuanced Colors.

Superwash wool has the ability to display the nuance of our glazed colors like no other.

Three skeins of sock weight two ply Superwash Merino wool. Looks like it would bounce well if someone dropped it on the floor.

Wilde Sock

$27 | Fingering Weight

Two Ply

100% SW Merino Wool

400 yards / 365 meters

100 grams

Bouncy and squishy, this 100% superwash merino yarn is just perfect for all of your project needs from socks to sweaters! This is our ideal go-to yarn for any project and a staple here at Wildewood Fibers.
Three twisted skeins of four-ply fine merino dk weight yarn. Nice and rounded yarn.

Wilde DK

$29 | DK Weight

Four Ply

100% Fine SW Merino Wool

250 Yards / 228 Meters

115 Grams

This DK base is 100% Superwash merino wool with an extra 15 grams of lovable bouncy wool for your projects! At 250 yards, this base goes the extra mile for you. Yeah. We said it.

Disclaimer: Not an actual mile—that’s 1760 yards. Which for the record is 7.06 skeins of this base, if you *do* need a mile of this yarn.

Three twisted skeins of two-ply fine merino and baby alpaca worsted weight yarn. It has a soft sheen, and appears pleasingly plump.

Wilde Aran

$29 | Worsted-Aran Weight

Two Ply

80% Fine SW Merino Wool

20% Baby Alpaca

191 Yards / 174 Meters

100 grams

A little bit between worsted and aran, this base is a two-ply milled from incredibly soft, fine grade superwash merino wool and a pinch of baby alpaca. With a crisp stitch definition, surprising loft, and an ability to display some truly gorgeous colors, this base is a dream to work with!
Three twisted skeins of single-ply 21.5 micron slub yarn. Lovely textured stubby bumps in the yarn, with a nice squiggly crimp as the ply of merino yarn wraps around a clear nylon thread (this lets the yarn be gathered into a slub).

Bauble Sock

$27.50 | Fingering Weight

Single Ply Slub

90% SW 21.5 Micron Merino Wool

10% Nylon

437 Yards / 400 Meters

100 Grams

This delightful slub base has, as you can see, baubles of woolly joy along its crimp-y single-ply construction. Soft with a wonderful drape and sheen, this textured yarn makes for a fun knit! Use it for an entire project, or pop a little bit of it into your next colorwork sweater for some added depth.
Three twisted skeins of singly ply Superwash Merino and silk blend yarn. Appears to have a decent drape and, well, a silky sheen.


$28.50 | Fingering Weight

Single Ply

70% SW Merino Wool

30% Silk

438 Yards / 400 Meters

100 Grams

A fabulous single-ply base that soaks up colors beautifully! This base has panache for a dazzling display, and the drape is simply seductive.
Three twisted skeins of DK weight two ply fine Superwash Merino wool and silk blend yarn. There is a soft sheen, and the texture appears strokable and lofty.

Evangeline DK

$28.50 | DK Weight

Two Ply

85% SW Merino Wool

15% Mulberry Silk

246 yds / 224 Meters

100 Grams

Named for my sweet grandmother, this base does the Lord's work. With a 21 micron superwash merino wool base, you're guaranteed next-to-skin softness; add a dash of silk and you've got yourself some elegant shine and a beautiful drape! Colors and project will shine bright with this two-ply base.
Three twisted skeins of DK weight four-ply Superwash Merino yarn with black and brown tweed flecks. Cozy!

Dappled DK

$28 | DK Weight

Four Ply

85% SW Merino Wool

15% Donegal Nepps

231 Yards / 210 Meters

100 grams

A sweet helping of donegal nepps gives this wool base a cozy tweed and a bit more character than your average skein. Perfect for garments and accessories!
Three twisted skeins of DK weight Superwash Merino, cashmere, and nylon blend of four ply yarn. Bunny soft.


$31 | DK Weight

Four Ply

80% SW Merino Wool

10% Cashmere

10% Nylon

231 yards / 210 meters

100 grams

This classic beauty of a base is velvety soft and soaks up color like a sponge! A springy four-ply, this base is an excellent choice for hats and sweaters and would make great cable work. A hint of cashmere adds a bit of luxury, while a touch of nylon gives this yarn a bit of strength.
Three twisted skeins of two-ply fine Superwash Merino bulky weight yarn. Extremely soft and pet-able.

St. Cloud

$28 | Bulky Weight

Two Ply

100% Fine SW Merino Wool

109 yards / 99 Meters

100 grams

This lofty chunky weight yarn is soft as a cloud and cozy to boot! Named for a local rec area on the Columbia River that we love, this is a perfectly quick, warm, and cozy base to knit with.

Watercolor Hues.

Hues ranging from rich, saturated water colors to delicately dappled, these bases hold their tones more gently than our SW bases.


Without superwash treatments, these bases have less of an impact on the environment.

Family Friendly.

Worried about baby? Our GOTS-certified organic bases have no additional treatments, and are more than safe for your little ones.

Three twisted skeins of lace weight brushed Suri Alpaca. The core of the yarn is small and thread-like and made of silk, with a fluffy halo of soft alpaca. Kitten-soft.


$27 | Lace Weight

74% Baby Suri Alpaca

26% Silk

328 yards / 300 meters

50 Grams

Named after a particularly ethereal family member, this base glows from within and carries a delicate halo. Excellent when held double with a heavier weight yarn for an extra special project.
Three skeins of single ply organic, fluffy fine merino yarn. This yarn is not as smooth as a superwash single ply, but has a lofty and woolly look to it.


$28 | Fingering Weight

Single Ply

100% Fine Organic Merino Wool, GOTS

437 yards / 399 meters

100 grams

This base is the stuff of your eco-friendly fluffy cloud dreams: non-superwash, GOTS-certified organic, sustainably grown, mulesing-free. Need we say more? The single-ply texture is simply delightfully fluffy and soft and knits up into lofty, plump garter stitches and cloud-like stockinette.
Three twisted skeins of four ply sock weight camel and silk yarn blend. These appear to be a dark sand color, a warm base. They have structure, but also a soft drape from the silk.


$38 | Fingering Weight

Four Ply

50% Camel

50% Silk

437 Yards / 399 Meters

100 grams

This luxurious base will spin you a thousand tales! A warm beige undyed, this will produce warm, rich jewel tones in semisolids. An incredible drape and phenomenal treat! Available through special order only.
Three twisted skeins of four ply untreated recycled wool and tercel yarn. The wool is a cream color, and the tencel gives the yarn a bit of shimmer and bit more structure. This yarn is soft, and can handle cables, lace, and garter with grace.


$25 | Heavy Fingering / Light Sport Weight

Four Ply

50% Recycled Wool

50% Tencel

383 Yards / 350 Meters

100 Grams

The Echo base is our answer to an eco-friendly, non-superwash alternative. The recycled wool in this base isn’t wool that’s been used and fished out of the trash or donated—it’s wool that was left over from the sorting process that would otherwise be thrown out at the mill. Tencel, a fiber made from cellulose plants, is a sustainable material that makes up the other half of this base. Strong and moisture-wicking with a beautiful sheen, tencel makes this base great for hard-wearing projects such as socks.

The recycled wool soaks up colors and displays them as beautiful muted heathers, while the tencel adds a brilliant silvery gloss and crisp (yet soft) texture.
Three twisted skeins of two-ply organic merino yarn, with crisp-looking bits of white hemp giving it a small halo. This hemp is not itchy, and the yarn is quite cloud-like and fluffy. Reminds me of dandelions.


$29 | Sport Weight

Two Ply

70% Fine Organic Merino Wool, GOTS

30% Organic Hemp

328 yards / 300 meters

100 grams

Hearthwood is made from GOTS-certified fine organic merino wool (sustainably grown and mulesing-free) and organic hemp. This two-ply base is the stuff of flower child dreams. Non-itchy, soft, fluff sheepish goodness. Give some character to your next project with Hearthwood.
Three twisted skeins of four ply worsted weight fine organic merino wool. The strands are nice and rounded with a good loft to them.


$29 | Worsted Weight

Four Ply

100% Fine Organic Merino Wool,


218 yards / 200 meters

100 grams

Dwell is a scrumptious base that is the non-superwash worsted of your dreams! It's incredibly soft, very squishy from its four-ply construction, and soaks up color beautifully. You'll want to dwell a little longer with any project you make with this base.
Three skeins of three ply SUPER BULKY untreated highland wool. Very lofty. Might be usable as a pillow.

The Gorge

$25 | Super Bulky Weight

Three Ply

100% Andean Highland Wool

44 yards / 40 meters

100 grams

A base as epic as its namesake, the Columbia Gorge, it's milled from untreated Andean Highland wool. This is a crisp, fluffy, and squeezable soft yarn with a rounded three-ply body. Non-superwash wools tend to display color less vibrantly, but boy oh boy, does this wool know how to soak up color. We could squish this for daaaays. (And we have, shhhh).