Hand-dyed in small batches in the Pacific Northwest.

Hello! I’m April, creator and dyer of Wildewood Fibers.

I have always loved color. In the second grade, my teacher told my parents, “April loves color; you can just tell.” When I learned how to knit in 2012, I quickly discovered the world of hand-dyed yarn and the rich, deep complexities those colors carried. It was love at first sight. It wasn’t long before I found myself dyeing my first hank a deep rich burgundy. As soon as that skein was dry, I knew I wanted to dye more. I took an online class and enjoyed it and quickly found myself developing my own techniques and methods. Several years in, I didn’t yet feel confident enough to sell these skeins, and in a depression because life is seldom easy, I decided to sell everything I had dyed for a song on a selling app and pack up my dreams of dyeing. Those "hopeless hanks" sold out in 6 hours. Realizing that I had just found a channel with which to practice and move my yarns on, I was given fresh hope. I loved experimenting, layering, and speckling without having to have a brand or anything just yet. I found a great therapeutic element in these beautiful colors. I met some incredible and supportive people (you know who you are!), and over the course of 6 months I quickly developed recipes, a vision, and a goal: to bring deep, rich, spine-tingling colors to the screen and to your hands.

I truly hope you find life in these colors as I do.

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